Music of the Vampire Diaries: Love Songs for Damon and Elena

Tonight I can’t fade away a smile from my face.

The one thing better than your own relationship flourishing is when your favourite TV couple hooks up.

Say what you want about yet another teenage vampire romance, but they sure pick great music for the series soundtrack.

Here are four highlights from central love scenes of Damon and Elena.


Ed Sheeran: Kiss Me (S04E07 Damon and Elena finally give in to their feelings for each others)

“Settle down with me / And I’ll be your safety / You’ll be my lady…” Aww. Such a sweet ballad.

Blue Foundation: Eyes on Fire
(S04E08 Damon and Elena’s first morning after)

Those murmuring electric guitar chords give me delicious shivers. Sexy and intense song.

Florence + the Machine: Never Let Me Go
(S03E19 Elena finally kisses Damon with all she’s got)

In my opinion there’s something 80s / early 90s about this one. Others have compared it to music of Enya and Evanescence – both great bands. I didn’t fall in love instantly but the ballad grew on me. I listened this almost non-stop for days.

Marina and Diamonds: Fear and Loathing
(S04E02 Elena drinks Damon’s blood)

Electric ballad full of angst but also hope and desire to change. Great vocals. This was another earworm for me.

There. I just had to share these four favourites. Now I’d love to hear from you.

For those of you who follow the Vampire Diaries, what do you think about the love triangle? Are you team Stelena or team Delena?

Is there another TV series couple you’re really rooting for? And have you discovered some great songs from your favourite series or movies? Do share 🙂


  1. Coleen Patrick
    Dec 10, 2012

    I’m a fan of Vampire Diaries, but I haven’t heard of the terms Stelena and Delena! I have to say though I am a BIG Damon fan. 🙂
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    • Reetta Raitanen
      Dec 10, 2012

      Yay, another Damon fan 😀 I heard terms Stelena and Delena when I checked out Tumblr posts for the series. They seem to be commonly used hashtags on Twitter too.

  2. Margaret Alexander
    Dec 15, 2012

    Love the couple and the music! They always get the best, even though they have to fight for it. But that’s what makes it interesting. Great shares!

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