Link Feast vol. 65 – Writing & Book Marketing Tips


Episode 80: Workshop: Setting Writing Goals for the New Year by Holly Lisle and Rebecca Galardo

(The episode is over an hour long so you might not have time to listen to it right now. In that case, take a look at the worksheet. You can grog it even without listening to the episode. The episode is really worth listening too.)

The link to the worksheet (click) 

On Writing

Writer Resolution 2020: Write With a Knife to Your Black, the Cliff’s Edge at Your Feet by Chuck Wendig

Happy New Year! Welcome to a Blank Page by Jami Gold

Five Tactics to Battle Impostor Syndrome by Helen J. Darling

Un-Con Redux: Operation Phoenix by Donald Maass (how to reinvent yourself as a writer)

Pre-Publishing: Developing the 5 P’s by Janet Grant

Business Musings: Habits (A Process Blog) by Kristine Kathryn Rusch (how our false beliefs and invisible scripts about our capabilities can limit us)

What Can Our Reading Choices Tell About Our Writing by Jami Gold

How I Went From Writing 2,000 Words a Day to 10,000 Words a Day by Rachel Aaron

How to Develop High Concept Book Ideas to Find More Success With Your Writing by Robert Lee Brewer

Six Ways to Add Novelty to Your Story by Chris Winkle

How to Choose the Right Antagonist For Any Type of Story by K.M. Weiland

Rian Johnson’s Looper and the Art of the Supervillain by Leah Schnelbach

SFF Needs More Incompetent Autocrats By James Davis Nicholl

The Best Employees Are Not the Agreeable Ones, According to Adam Grant by Oliver Staley (Is your character a giver or a taker? Is he/she agreeable or disagreeable?)

How to Navigate Editorial Feedback and Revise Your WIP by Tiffany Yates Martin

The Craft of the Short Story by Anthea Lawson Sharp

12 Lessons Learned From Writing Short by John Peragine

On Tackling Controversial Topics

Why Social Justice Is Intrinsic to Storytelling by Chris Winkle

Five Tips For Telling Stories of Resistance by Oren Ashkenazi

Sex Rape Tropes and How to Replace Them by Chris Winkle

Understanding Appropriative Worldbuilding by Chris Winkle

Six Tips For Taking Inspiration From History by Oren Ashkenazi

Publishing Paths & Book Marketing

What Path Should a Writer Take in 2020 by James Scott Bell

The Key to Long Term Success As a Writer With Kevin J. Anderson by Joanna Penn

Be the Gateway by Dan Blank

Are You Working On the Right Thing? By Tim Grahl

How to Promote Your Book Before It’s Published by Julia Hansen

Which Paid Marketing Works (and Doesn’t Work) For Books by Rachel Aaron

The Writing World

Why Does the RWA (Romance Writers of America) Implosion Matter to All Writers by Jami Gold

Where Does RWA Go From Here? By Sarah at Smart Bitches Trashy Books (she asks the important question of who the organization really serves)

Romance Wranglers of America by Chuck Tingle (a humorous take on the RWA mess):

Deep Stuff

How to Recover From Reader’s Block by James Davis Nicoll (a serious problem in my books)

Glass half full: how I learned to be an optimist in a week by Tim Dowling

The Lie of Little Women by Sophie Gilbert (the real life of Louisa May Alcott, what she really thought of this book, also stuff about the movie adaptations)

How to Break Up With Your Bad Habits by Judson Brewer

Fun Stuff

Hot Dudes Reading at Instagram

No easy mark: Female bodybuilder, 82, clobbers intruder ( crime news)

7 Quirky and Whimsical Books Like Good Omens by Andy Winder

16 Fantasy Authors Like Neil Gaiman by Annika Barranti Klein Reviewers’ Choice: The Best Books of 2019

Some of Our Favourite Movies of 2019 by Stubby the Rocket

26 Nerdy Things That Brought Us Joy in 2019 by Stubby the Rocket

10 Great Monsters of the Week Episodes From Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Kiersten White

(Almost) Every Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movie Adaptation In the Works Right Now by Stubby the Rocket 

(I was most excited about Kushiel’s Dart fantasy series being optioned. Holding my fingers crossed that it will end up in the screen as a movie or in the TV. Is there a book you want to see as a movie or TV series? Do share in the comments.)

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