Teenage Crush: 4 Things That Won’t Impress The Guy

Dreadlocks made me look like a pineapple.

Today Fabio Bueno asked me to guest post in his blog and recommend some YA books.

That inspired me to look back at my days of sweet seventeen or so. I remembered some funny and sad moments of trying to get the attention of a boy.

Drinking soda while he is telling jokes is a bad combination. Wiping off coke that you burst on his face isn’t the height of romance. For some reason I never saw this guy again.

Similar hairstyle does not make you a couple. This teenage hunk had dreadlocks so I spent all the money I got as a Christmas present to get the look. Cheaply. I wore them for 6 months and got tired of the wet dog smell after the shower.

Calling him all the time gets old real fast. Thank goodness we lived in different cities so I didn’t escalate into Edward Cullen level of stalkering 😉 If he is interested, he’ll call you back if you just give him some time to do so. A few hours isn’t long enough.

He won’t fall for your booze tolerance. Getting totally wasted at his friend’s party is a bad idea. There might be some merit in one drink for courage but a bottle of wine is too much.

So, those were some of my embarrassing teenage crush moments. Have you ever had similar experiences? Did you discover ways to approach your dream guy/girl that really worked for you?


  1. Coleen Patrick
    Aug 1, 2012

    I think you look cute in that photo Reetta!
    And oh how I relate to this post–I once transferred to a college for a boy. It was an expensive mistake that lasted only a few days and then I was back at my original school. Ugh, so embarrassing!! 🙂
    Better to be yourself, but oh so difficult as a teen!
    Coleen Patrick recently posted..Teen Interview: It Ain’t Over Until the Perfect Troll Face SingsMy Profile

  2. Reetta Raitanen
    Aug 1, 2012

    Aww, thank you so much, Coleen. And wow, transfering to a college after a guy is serious devotion. Thank goodness you were able to return to your old school when you realized it wasn’t for you after all. Mistakes make great writing material.

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