Eleven Questions Meme – part 2

I was tagged a second time to play the 11 Questions Game by Marcy Kennedy. I’m posting the questions a day late since I had to catch up with my sleep debt yesterday. My apologies. Today I’ll blog twice. Link Feast shall be posted in my late afternoon. And tomorrow I’ll do the second part of Marcy’s tag, the Lucky 7 Meme.

And then the fun part. For recap, this is how the game works:

1. You must post the rules.
2. Answer the questions on your blog. Create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
3. Tag eleven people and link to them.
4. Let them know you’ve tagged them.

Here are Marcy’s great questions and my answers:

1. If you could have one magical power, what would it be?

I would love to be able to fly. The feeling of freedom would be even more giddy than you’d get by driving a car or riding a horse.

2. You have to give up one of your five senses. Which one would you choose and why?

I would give up smelling because even though it is a nice sense, it is not essential and life-altering. Although giving up smelling would also affect how we taste things since they’re connected. That’s why food tastes so bland when your nose is stuffy. Tasting is almost half smelling.

3. What’s your super-secret Hunger Games survival skill?

I’m not very survival savvy but if the environment was a broadleaf or evergreen forest with their normal plants, I would recognize a lot of edible berries and mushrooms.

4. If it wasn’t illegal and/or cruel, what exotic, wild animal would you want as a pet?

Either something really cute (like a panda or koala) or something beautiful and dangerous (like a wolf or a black panther). Having dolphins would also be awesome. But that would require you to be richer than a millionaire.

5. You’re given a chance to co-write a book with any author (living or dead). Who do you choose and why?

Wow, wouldn’t that be awesome. I would love to write with either Tanith Lee or Catherynne M. Valente because their work is simply beautiful and their ideas astonishing. I’d also love to be able to see how their creative process works.

But to be realistic, I would co-write with either my husband or good friend. We know each others and the way we work, and trust each others and can communicate well. Also, there isn’t a huge skill gap so we could both contribute about equally. With a really talented and experienced writer, I would likely be just a hinderance 🙂

6. An asteroid is barreling toward the earth. There’s nothing you or anyone else can do to stop it, and it’s large enough that it will pulverize the planet so that no one survives. It strikes tomorrow. How do you spend your final day?

I’d spend the day with my closest family doing pretty normal things, having fun with the kids, playing board games and enjoying the best food we could afford.

7. We all have one way that we’re terrified of dying. My husband is afraid of drowning, and I’m afraid of being burned alive. What’s yours?

Drowning would be a horrible way to go. But I’d add to that a Jaws twist. Ever since seeing that movie, I have been paranoid of something biting me when I’m swimming. That, or being stung to death by wasps would be my worst case scenario.

8. You can only have one dessert (including candy and all salty snacks) for the rest of your life. What’s the one you have to have?

This is easy. I’d choose chocolate. I could eat it every day and not get bored.

9. If you could bring one fiction character to life, who would you want to meet?

Rhett Butler. He is my literary crush. Such an interesting character.

10. Favorite kind of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?

Hot chocolate for me, please. It has the chocolate element, and I don’t like the taste of coffee (and I don’t want to get addicted to caffeine). Tea is a good choice too.

11. And because I loved this question–what are the three things and three people you’d want stranded on the deserted island with you?

It’s a great question indeed. My three people would be my husband and two children. The things would be harder. If I could state books in plural, that would definately be one item. But if each book would have to be picked separately, I’d pick three books. Two would be something both me and the kids would enjoy, like collected Moomin stories by Tove Jansson and The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

The third book would be… hmm, it actually wouldn’t be any of the stories I mentioned in my response to Lynette’s questions about which books I can read again and again. I might pick a third children’s book, The Brothers Lionheart or Ronia the Robber’s Daughter by Astrid Lindgren. The first is a really deep story exploring life after death and Ronia is just pure fun with the theme of friendship.

Thank you, Marcy. These questions really made me to think.

I’m a spoilsport this time and won’t ask new eleven questions. I don’t have the time to come up with good ones. But if you want to play, go ahead and answer Marcy’s excellent questions in my comments. Or check out my Monday post where I already posted 11 questions.

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