Dancing in the 80s

Last month A-Z Challenge kicked off with a party and a lot of bloggers featured older music from their youth. Being a child of 80s, I was instantly reminded of Music Television and how important it was in giving us an exposure to the hits of the world.

Madonna, Michael Jackson and later Bon Jovi were steady producers of hit videos but I remember playing with my two friends and pretending that we were three popular female phenomenons of mid-eighties. I was Sabrina, Tiina was Sandra and Tiia was Samantha Fox. We were about 6 and then their music sounded really good.

Sandra: In The Heat Of The Night (1985)


Sabrina: Boys Boys (1986)


Samantha Fox: Touch Me (1986). This version is a modern remake with Euro Pop star Gunther. As you can hear, Europe has been well primed for Lady Gaga style music since the 90s.


And last a fresh of breath air, some good ol’ rock: Bon Jovi and Keep The Faith (1992)


Do you recall these songs? And did you watch Music Television when you were young? Which songs do you remember dancing to in your childhood and teenage?


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