About Reetta

Hey, it’s great to meet you.

Thanks for reading my blog.Picture of Reetta Raitanen

I’m Reetta Raitanen, and I write fantasy & urban fantasy books.

My kind of worlds have clashing cultures, mystical magic, kick ass heroines and antagonists who think they’re the real heroes.

Reading is my passion and I devour fact and fiction. Some of my favourite authors are:

  • Brandon Sanderson (Mistborn, epic fantasy),
  • Suzanne Collins (Hunger Games, dystopian YA)
  • Cassandra Clare (Mortal Instruments, paranormal YA)
  • Malcolm Gladwell (The Tipping Point & Blink, cool fact)

In fleshspace I’m finishing a Marketing degree. I’m also a busy mom of wonderful twin toddlers.

My geeky hobbies include roleplaying games, board games and Ren Faires.

I blog three times a week.

Stay tuned to Meaningful Mondays, Writer Wednesdays and Fantasy Fridays.

You can also find me at Twitter (@ReettaRaitanen), Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. Meet you there 🙂


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