What Went Wrong With the Star Wars Prequels by Kristen Lamb

What to do when it’s late Friday evening, your brain is fried and you need to write a blog post?

You’re damn greatful that you know people who write awesome posts.

Today I’m directing you to wonderfully funny Kristen Lamb’s blog where she talks about the Star Wars prequels and why they arent telling as good story as they could.

Here’s a taster of the post:

“I am a serious nerd. I grew up on J.R.R. Tolkein and played Dungeons and Dragons all through high school. Trekkie conventions, RPGs, Renaissance festivals, you name it. I had the punch mark on my Geek Card. I still remember being 3 years old standing in line with my father and uncle for hours as we eagerly waited to see this new epic film…Star Wars.

Two hours later, I was hooked. I grew up ankle deep in action figures, and logged so many gaming hours on Atari’s The Empire Strikes Back that even my dreams were pixilated. So when George Lucas announced, many years later, that he would be releasing the prequels to Star Wars, I was soooo excited.


Please do not send me hate mail. I didn’t like the prequels….”

Head to Kristen’s blog and find out why.

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