Link Feast, vol. 60


Things I Forget to Remember: Writing a Novel Is an Act of Faith by Sarah Callender

On Writing

The Door by Elizabeth McCleary (a cool Flash Fiction story, less than 1000 words long)

Did You Know That Writing Books Is Hard by Chuck Wendig

4 Challenges of Writing For a Modern Audience by K.M. Weiland

12 Quotes on the Craft and Business of Writing From the 2019 Writer’s Digest Annual Conference by Robert Lee Brewer

Resolutions Don’t Work. How to Set Goals and Follow Through by Elizabeth McCleary

How to Get Out of Writing Doldrums by Mathina Calliope

6 Tips For Reading Like a Writer by Mark Beaver

5 Ways to Ensure Readers Don’t Abandon Your Book by H.R. D’Costa (about story stakes)

Tips For Writing a Great Love Story by Heather Webb 

(Important Notice: if you are writing a romance and don’t give your readers a HEA, your reviews will be shitty because you broke an essential promise of that genre. THAT is the difference between Romance and a Love Story, a HEA ending, Happy Ever After, or at least HFN, Happy For Now)

What Makes You Love Your Main Character by Julia Monroe Martin

The Values of Good Fiction by Kathleen McCleary

Persuation by Donald Maass (about moral antagonists)

The Wonders of Your Character’s World View by Jim Dempsey

Focus On the Heart of Writing by Tasha Seegmiller (and the heart is our characters)

Good Story Endings: Happy or Sad, or Something Else? By Vaughn Roycroft

Writing Emotional Truth – What Gets Us There? By Bonnie Randall

Masterful Wordsmithing with Metaphor and Imagery by C.S. Lakin

Give Your Reader an Experience by Kathryn Craft

Negotiating Social Priviledge as a Writer by Rheea Mukherjee

The Editor’s Clinic: Take a Break by Dave King

Get and Interpret a Reader’s “Thought Map” of Your Book by Dawn Field (lots of good editing tips and techniques in this post)

How Hollywood is Rekindling the Rom Com – With the Help of Romance Novels by Maureen Lee Lenker

Anna Smith Spark Talks Grimdark In Her Fantasy AMA by Stubby the Rocket (how the misogyny in grimdark can be political and other topics)

Trad Publiblishing, Self-publishing, Book Marketing, Pitching, & Making Our Stories the Product (not just our books)

Establishing a Long Term [Trad] Writing Career: Insight From Two Literary Agents by Sangeeta Mehta

Becoming a Rogue Planet (When You Lose Your Publisher) by Kathryn Magendie

Branding 101: Defining Our Brand by Jami Gold

Pitching Our Story: Insights From Movie Trailers by Jami Gold 

10 Things I Learned Indie Publishing My First Book by Tari Lynn Jewett

Business Musings: The Decision Tree (Rethinking the Writing Business Part 8) by Kristine Kathryn Rusch [if you haven’t read the previous parts of this series, I highly recommend you to do so]

Business Musings: Time Management Again (Rethinking the Writing Business Part 9) by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Deep Stuff

People Don’t Know Themselves Very Well by Adam Grant (others can see things about us more easily than we do)

Good News at Last: The World Isn’t as Horrific as You Think by Hans Rosling

Opinion: What ‘Good’ Dads Get Away With by Darcy Lockman

The History of Boredom by Linda Rodriquez McRobbie

(Curious fact: Word boredom didn’t even exist until 1852. Before that, the term used was the French word for boredom, ennui. Ennui was first used in the 1660s and nativized by 1758.)

Love isn’t what it was By Sophus Helle (Disney is subverting its own romantic ideals)

Fun Stuff

How to Sell Your Friends and Family on Genre Fiction by Drew Williams

Fall Movie Guide: 49 Horror, Scifi and Fantasy Movies to Look Out For by Germain Lussier (lots of trailers)

All the New and Returning Scifi, Fantasy and Superhero, and Otherwise Geeky TV Shows Coming This Fall by Cheryl Eddy and Beth Elderkin

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