Link Feast For Writers, vol. 16

Writing blogs are a great way to learn about the craft and marketing our work. Enjoy the posts I’ve hoarded, some older, some recent.


If You Have Time For Only One Thing:

Interview with Les Edgerton by Richard Godwin (best questions & answers I’ve ever read)

(Thanks for the link, Jenny Hansen!)


On Writing

5 Reasons Why Writers Get Bad Advice by Lisa Cron

Mind Your 4Ps and Qs: One Approach to Writing the Character and Plot-Driven Novel by John H. Ritter

5 Tricks To Adapting A Well Known Story For Fiction by Bryan Thomas Schmidt

5 Ways Writing A Novel Is Like A Bread Pudding (plus 2 recipes) by Kristin Nador

Write A Novel Easily Using The Snowflake Method (Bubble Cow)

Thriller Writing Made Easy: 4 Steps To Starting A Thriller (Writer’s Digest) [works for any genre & pantsers too]

Two Magic Words: “What If” by Joe Moore

10 Possible Reasons Why Your Script (or Story) Is Boring by Carson Reeves

Using Tarot In Writing by Raeyn Barclay

Creating Your Hero’s Journey With Tarot Cards by Raelyn Barclay

Designing From Bones: The First Passion of Story by Gene Lempp (what was the first moment when you fell in love with your genre?)

How To Grab The Reader’s Brain by Lisa Cron

The Reader Must Want To Know What Happens Next by Lisa Cron

What Winter’s Bone (Great Movie) And True Grit (Sucked) Are Sorely Missing by Lisa Cron

Character Voices Shouldn’t Sound Like Yours by Beth Hill

Essential Scene Elements Worksheets by Jami Gold (Word & Excel versions)

The Inciting Incident (Good Seed IV) by Donald Maass

Before You Type The End: Creating Emotional Resonance In Your Books by Karen Schravemade

5 Romance Writing Tips by Sarah MacLean

Rehearsal Notes For Your Rough Draft by Angie Dicken

Do I Have To Kill My Darlings? 5 Self-Editing Steps You Should Take Before An Editor Or Agent (Wise Ink)

7 Ways You Give Away Your Power – And How To Avoid It by Rachelle Gardner

Writers & Writer-Adjacent People: The Hermit Myth by Fabio Bueno

Traveling Tips & Doo-Dads For Writers by August McLaughlin

3 Reasons To Read Lisa Cron’s Wired For Story by Suzannah Winsdor Freeman

Movie Review: Prometheus by Carson Reeves (he reads movie scripts as a profession)


Your Author Platform

Authors: Stop Promoting To Other Writers by April Hamilton

Readers Face The Slush Pile: A Few Hard Truths by Roni Loren (what causes reader cynicism and how to get around it)

When Building A Significant Social Media Following May Not Work by J. Steve Miller

How Much Does Self-Publishing Cost by Toni at DuoLit

5 Ways To Save Money In Self-Publishing (And NOT Compromise Quality) (Wise Ink)

Splurge & Save: How To Be A Thrifty Indie Writer by Shannon at DuoLit

Who Understands Story Better: Writers Or The Marketers? by Lisa Cron

Michael Hyatt’s Lessons From “Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World” by Ali Luke

Marketing Essentials Every Writer Should Know by Zachary Petit

Marketing For New Authors by Jillian Dodd

5 Ways To Market Your Book by Angela Ackerman

Amazon For Dummies (Like Me) – Liking & Tagging Explained by Derek Blass

Tips For A Successful Kickstarter Campaign by Jason Stratford

Making Full Use Of Goodreads by Lia Kays

Top 10 Awards For Indie Authors (Wise Ink)



Using Visualization To Write Great Hooks by Nathan Kash

7 Book Writing Tricks That Work For Blogs (Wise Ink)

3 Simple Strategies That Add Value To Your Blog by Frank Dickinson

The Art (And Science) Of Neck-Snapping Headlines by Adam Costa

Speedy Blog Writing by Tom Ewer

5 Steps To Telling Engaging Stories On Your Blog by Judy Lee Dunn

The Secret Of Writing Funny by Annie Binns

Is This The Perfect Blog Post? [Infograph] by Jason Keath

How Formulas Can Make You A Better Blogger (Blog World)

7 Keys To Scoring Bestselling Author Interviews by Suzannah Windsor Freeman

10 Reasons I Won’t Leave A Comment On Your Blog by Judy Lee Dunn

Does Blogging Jack Up Your Schedules? Schedule Your Posts Ahead by Jenny Hansen

How To Schedule Posts Effectively (Blog World)

Want 1000 Blog Subscribers? Just ‘Invent’ Them by Judy Lee Dunn

How To Attract More Readers With SEO by Jodi Aman

Cheat Sheet For Optimizing Your WordPress Blog For Search Engines – Without Cheating by Neil Patel

How To Link To a PDF In a WordPress Post by Beth Hayden

Scribe – A Search Engine Tool For WordPress by Beth Hayden (this is not free but the A-List Bloggers use it)


Social Media

How Much Time Do Authors Need To Spend Time On Social Media Sites & Blogging by D.D. Scott

A Social Media Survival Guide by Jenn Reese

Everything I Need To Know About Twitter I Learned From Hospice by Piper Bayard

How To Succeed On Twitter by Molly Greene

Strategies For Effective Tweeting (Buddy Media)

How To Write Effective Tweets by Rebecca Berto

31 Twitter Hashtags For The Indie Author (Wise Ink)

10 Twitter Lists For Writers To Follow (Wise Ink)

Great Automated Twitter Support Tools by Molly Greene

(Tweet automating can be done well but you need to know what you’re doing. Read the next Kristen Lamb post to avoid fubars)

Hash Tags – The Trouble with Twitter Tribbles  by Kristen Lamb

Twitter Follower Maintenance by Paul Dorset

Pinterest Alert: The New Pin Scam To Avoid by Kristin Nador

Pinterest Marketing Guide by Beth Hayden (PDF)

7 Ways To Sell More Books With Pinterest by Beth Hayden

9 Ways To Go Viral on Pinterest and Get an Avalanche of Traffic (Boost Blog Traffic)

Sticky Pinterest Marketing by Beth Hayden

Facebook For Authors: Setting Up An Author Page, Part 1 by Chris Robley

Facebook For Authors: Setting Up An Author Page, Part 2 by Chris Robley

7 Things Chris Brogan Taught Me About Google+ and Why It Matters by Carol Tice


Collected Wisdom

Blog Treasures by Gene Lempp (July 15)

Twitterific by Elizabeth S. Craig (July 15)

Friday Features by Yesenia Vargas (July 14)

9 Killer Resources Of Weekly Writing Links by Kristin Nador (July 10)

Writing on the Ether by Porter Anderson (July 12)


Deep Stuff

The Habit Change Cheatsheet: 29 Ways To Succesfully Ingrain a Behaviour by Leo Baubata

What Multitasking Does To Our Brain by Leo Widrich

Sleeps With Monsters: Endurance & Persuation – Traits of the Heroine by Liz Bourke

Outside-of-the-Box Books For Writers by Kathy Steffen

Why Is It Hard To Make Friends Over 30? by Alex Williams (New York Times)

Individualism In Overdrive by Frank Bruni (New York Times)

How To Raise Creative Kids by Toby Neal

How To Talk To Little Girls by Lisa Bloom (Huffington Post)


Fun Stuff

Which famous writer do you write like?

Down And Dirty Hot Dudes by Catie Rhodes

Top 10 Archers In Fiction (Fantasy Faction)

Underground New York Public Library (interesting way to discover new books)

What To Expect When You’re Expecting An Extra Hunger Games Movie by Bridget McGovern (

Breaking Down The Wall: Immortal Monday by Debra Kristi

The 4 Questions Everyone Asks At Conventions by Steven Padnick (

Five Fabulous Female Fantasy Forces by Rajan Khanna


  1. Jami Gold
    Jul 20, 2012

    Holy cow! This list is absolutely incredible, Reetta. I could spend all day here. LOL!

    Thanks for including my link. 🙂
    Jami Gold recently posted..It’s (Writing) Olympics Time!My Profile

    • Reetta Raitanen
      Jul 20, 2012

      Thanks, Jami. Your blog is a pleasure to read and I always learn something new.

  2. Molly Greene
    Jul 20, 2012

    Wow, Reeta, thanks so very much for including two of my posts on your list, I’m honored!
    Molly Greene recently posted..Climb A MountainMy Profile

    • Reetta Raitanen
      Jul 20, 2012

      My pleasure, Molly. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. August McLaughlin
    Jul 20, 2012

    Hey Reetta! Thanks for another fantastic mashup, and for including my link. The support means a lot! And sheesh. I see a bunch of new (to me) links worth reading. Hope you’re having a great week. 🙂
    August McLaughlin recently posted..Funny on a Plane and NYC WonderMy Profile

    • Reetta Raitanen
      Jul 20, 2012

      Great that you found some new links, August. Wonderful week to you too.

  4. K.B. Owen
    Jul 20, 2012

    Reetta, this is an AMAZING mashup! Like a month’s-worth of resources, LOL. How do you find the time? Next time I need writing/publishing advice, I’m asking you first. 😉

    Thanks for taking the time to do this! Off to check a few now…
    K.B. Owen recently posted..Show Me the Money: 19thc bank robbers and counterfeitersMy Profile

    • Reetta Raitanen
      Jul 20, 2012

      Thanks, Kathy. I’d ask someone who has more experience for the advice 😀 But I can always recommend links if you’re interested in a particular area of writing or marketing. In fact, I’m compiling a master list of links so it’s easier to find good links on specific topics.

  5. Piper Bayard
    Jul 20, 2012

    Wow! What a list! This must have taken you a week to compile. Thanks so much for the shout out. I’m honored. 🙂
    Piper Bayard recently posted..Jon Land — Tying Past to Present with ImaginationMy Profile

    • Reetta Raitanen
      Jul 20, 2012

      Thanks, Piper. I really enjoyed your post.

  6. Amy
    Jul 20, 2012

    Thanks so much for posting our links! Terrific list! I’m definitely going to be busy reading for a while…

    • Reetta Raitanen
      Jul 20, 2012

      Thank you for writing such a consistently great blog, Amy.

  7. Debra Eve
    Jul 20, 2012

    This is absolutely wonderful, Reeta! So many resources I’ve never discovered. I’m saving this to Evernote to have for posterity.
    Debra Eve recently posted..“Golden Girls” Meets Yaddo in BurbankMy Profile

    • Reetta Raitanen
      Jul 20, 2012

      Thank you, Debra. I was delighted to discover some new writing sites this week 😉

  8. Julie Hedlund
    Jul 20, 2012

    Great list! Loved April Hamilton’s post!
    Julie Hedlund recently posted..How to Create a Storybook App ProposalMy Profile

    • Reetta Raitanen
      Jul 20, 2012

      Me too. Market to readers, not other writers is what Kristen Lamb has been saying all along. But it bears repeating and April said it well.

  9. Nigel Blackwell
    Jul 21, 2012

    Hi Reetta

    Blimey! That’s quite a list. Do you ever get off the internet 🙂


  10. Karen McFarland
    Jul 23, 2012

    Thank you so much Reetta for compiling all this infor for us! It’s a lot of work. But we all appreciate it! 🙂
    Karen McFarland recently posted..The Bomb of ProfanityMy Profile

  11. Fabio Bueno
    Jul 24, 2012

    SO many good links! Thanks for including me, Reetta!
    Fabio Bueno recently posted..4 Tenets of Self-Publishing and 4 Essential ResourcesMy Profile

  12. Raelyn Barclay
    Aug 1, 2012

    What a fabulous list. It’ll take days to explore them all! Thanks for putting this together. Thank you for the shout out. I’m honored to be included.
    Raelyn Barclay recently posted..Meet the Cards: Three of AirMy Profile

  13. Laura Pep Wu
    Aug 2, 2012

    Great list – can’t wait to dive in, Reetta! 🙂

  14. B.C. Laybolt
    Aug 2, 2012

    I am right now, as of today, a compulsive follower of your blog. Thank you!

    Feb 18, 2015

    Useful info. Fortunate me I found your web site unintentionally, and I am surprised why this twist of fate didn’t happened earlier!

    I bookmarked it. recently posted..everytrail.comMy Profile

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