Link Feast For Writers, vol. 15

Writing blogs are a great way to learn about the craft and marketing our work. Enjoy the posts I’ve hoarded, some older, some recent.

(Note: Last week I said that Link Feast would become a monthly feature. But in two weeks I gathered already so many links that I will likely post these every other week.)


If You Have Time For Only One Post:

Perfection by Kristine Kathryn Rusch


On Writing

The Ending Debate: Make Mine Realistic by Lisa Hall-Wilson

The Ending Debate: Make Mine Happy by Melinda Van Lone

The Ending Debate: Make Mine Hopeful by Marcy Kennedy

The Ending Debate: Make Mine Open by Diane Capri

The Hard Work Of Writing: Do You Embrace It by Jami Gold

How To Put Your Story Together In One Neat Tweet by Theresa at Edittorrent

It’s All Fun And Games Until Somebody Writes A Story About It by Kristin Nador

Worse Than A Cliché by Tiffany Lawson Ingman

My Character Is Like… Fill In The Blank by Darcy Pattison

Character Arcs Made Easy by Fae Rowen

Voice Experiments by Darcy Patterson

Finding Your Voice Workshop by Jennifer Stevenson

When Something Is Not Quite Right With A Scene by Elizabeth S. Craig

Politically Correct Overkill by S.B. Stewart-Laing

His Or Her Story? Using Multiple Main Characters and Story Lines by Michelle Davidson

Point of View: Common Types & 5 Tips To Strenghten Yours by Lori Devoti

5 Advantages To Using Omniscient Point Of View by Linda Adams

Marks of the Amateur – Starting a List by Alicia at Edittorrent

Freelance Editor Talks About Authors’ Habits & Predictable Writing by Elyse Dinh-McCrillis

How To Write Massive Quantities On Demand by James Chartrand

10 Things To Do With Your Write Hand by Suzannah Windsor

8 Tips To Waking Up Early & Conquering The Alarm Clock by Loren Pilinis

The Business of (Successful) Writing by Greg Carrico


Your Author Platform

What Makes You Special by Mark McGuinness

10 Word Branding Challenge & 7 Free Sites To Promote Your Book by Marcia Richards

Publishing Isn’t A Meritocracy, It’s A Casino by Kameron Hurley (how her book became an Award nominated success)

Promote Your Book on a Budget: 20 Thrifty Ways to Get Your Writing Out There by Chris Robley

What To Avoid When Writing Back Cover Copy by Allie B. Books

Debra Eve’s Successful Blog Re-Launch & Self-Publishing Launch (Amazon #1 Bestseller) (PDF)

How To Engage Your Crazy-Dedicated Fan Base by Shannon at Duolit

3 Steps to Pinpoint Your Crazy-Dedicated Readers’ Favorite Hangouts by Toni at Duolit

How To Keep In Touch With Fans by Lindsay Buroker

Newsletters 101: Email Marketing for Authors by Lindsay Buroker

How I Increased My Email Subscribers By 500% In One Week (SocialMouths)

4 Ways To Improve Your Amazon Ranking (And Sell More Books) by Laura Pepper Wu

Undead Advertising by Ellie Ann Soderstrom (can you make your plugs this funny?)

20 Easy Ways Readers Can Help Promote Your Book by Jody Hedlund

How To Query Amazon: The Little Goat That Could by David Gaughran

Gathered Query Post Links by Elana Johnson

Great Example Of An Unsolicited Query Letter That Sold by Jenny Bent



Why I Think Some Authors Go Hermit by Michelle Davidson

Author Blogging 101: 8 Blogging Styles by Joel Friedlander

Types Of Blogs: Which One Is The Right For You? by Sommer Leigh

College of Blogging: Nine People’s Favourite Thing by Sommer Leigh

Blog Follower Explosion by Elana Johnson

College of Blogging: Feedly – The Magic Button To Make Your Blog Reading Easy by Sommer Leigh

College of Blogging: Tools & Tips For Managing Your Blogging Time by Sommer Leigh

Content Marketing Zen: The 5-Step Process to Creating Remarkable Content by Gregory Ciotti

Do You Have An Idea Garden? by Charlie Gilkey

12 Must-Do Tasks For The New WordPress Site Owner by Pamela Wilson

10 Steps To Finding Your Blog’s Writing Voice by Jeff Goins

5 Signs You’re Having A Blog Identity Crisis & 8 Ways To Fix It by Roni Loren

A Look At The Blogger / Publisher Relationship (Staffer’s Book Reviews)


Social Media

‘Social’: Over The Top by Porter Anderson

The 6 Types Of Social Media Users (Social Media Today)

Twitter – A Matter Of Personal Taste Or A Set Of Rules? by Rachel Abbott

Revamp Your Twitter Page In 7 Days  (Wise Ink)

5 New Twitter Marketing Tools by Social Media Examiner

How Should Authors Handle Facebook by Jody Hedlund

8 Fast And Furious Ways To Maneuver Facebook Changes Without Crashing And Burning by Kristin Nador


Collected Wisdom

Blog Treasures by Gene Lempp

Twitterific by Elizabeth S. Craig

Friday Features by Yesenia Vargas

Writing on the Ether: Independence by Porter Anderson

Extra Ether: eBooks Gone In 5 Years? by Porter Anderson


Deep Stuff

Simple Steps to Better Health, Organization and Progress Toward Your Goals by Lynn Johnston

The Many Reasons We Rely On Our Clutter by Leo Baubata

10 Myths About Introverts by Anna Wojnarowska

The Importance of Ripples by Tracy Hurley

“You’re Not Special”, He Says At High School Graduation Commencement by Shannon Lell


Fun Stuff

Ellen De Generes Reads E.L. James’ Fifty Shades Of Gray by Emma Meade (Hilarious video!)

Your Punctuation Personality Type by Leah Petersen

Rejection Letters: The Publishers Who Got It Embarrassingly Wrong (Huffington Post)

Stupid Deaths by S.B. Stewart-Laing


  1. Marcia
    Jul 9, 2012

    Wow, Reetta! You’re not kidding that this is a link fest! So much great stuff here! Thanks so much for including my post and I see so many others I have to read! Thanks!
    Marcia recently posted..How to Build Your Summer Reading List and 15 Indie Author LinksMy Profile

    • Reetta Raitanen
      Jul 13, 2012

      Thanks for the awesome post, Marcia.

  2. Coleen Patrick
    Jul 9, 2012

    I remember seeing that Ellen video—it is so funny! Thanks for more great links!
    Coleen Patrick recently posted..Teenage Dreams and Blending in with Blue HairMy Profile

    • Reetta Raitanen
      Jul 13, 2012

      Ellen De Generes is one of my favourite TV people. Thanks for checking the links out 🙂

  3. Pat O'Dea Rosen
    Jul 12, 2012

    This extra, unexpected link feast is welcome, Reetta. Thank you! Are the 23-hour-of sunshine days keeping you awake and at your keyboard?
    Pat O’Dea Rosen recently posted..Don’t Look BackMy Profile

    • Reetta Raitanen
      Jul 13, 2012

      Thanks for the comment love, Pat. I’ve been staying up late recently but I need to type more my own stuff and read other people’s blogs less 😉 WANA friends make resisting that temptation hard, though.

  4. Debra Kristi
    Jul 19, 2012

    Your link feasts are insane! You must spend an absorbent amount of time on the internet! Thanks so much!
    Debra Kristi recently posted..The 2012 Comic-Con Thrill RideMy Profile

    • Reetta Raitanen
      Jul 20, 2012

      I admit my guilt there 😉 Reading people’s blogs and learning new things is just so much fun.


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