Link Feast For Writers, vol. 23

Ahoy me matey! Merry Talk Like a Pirate Day to ye. Here is me finest link booty. Dig in.

(Avast! The Myers-Briggs blog series be continuing this Friday with ENFP type)


If You Have Time For Only One Thing:

Discovering and Building Your Writing Strenghts by Jenny Hansen


“The easiest thing to do on earth is not write.” (William Goldman)


On Writing

10 Writing Tips That Can Help Anyone by Janet Fitch

3 Writer’s Commandments and Avoiding the Dreaded “S” Word by Jenny Hansen

How To Be a Writer: 201 Short, Compelling Tips by Mary Jaksch

5 Muse Abusers: How To Protect Your Creative Flow by Roni Loren

Novel Structure: James Scott Bell’s LOCK System by Linda Gray

The Business of Character Engagement by Jenny Hansen

Character Questionnaire: How Would Your Character Handle These Situations? by B. McKenzie

Black Swan: The Trick To Inner and Outer Demons by Kristen Lamb

Realistic Love Interests by Sarah LaPolla

Red Flags For Female Characters Written by Men by B. McKenzie

Your Plot Moves Too Slowly: 5 Tips to Help Improve Your Story’s Pacing by Kara Lennox

13 Ways To Write With Urgency by Chad R. Allen

Dig Deep For NYT Writing by Margie Lawson (Note: the contest deadline is over)

Tighten Your Subplots by Veronica Sicoe

A Writing Taboo: Never Begin Your Story With Weather by Karen Woodward

Subtext Matters: Hemingway’s Iceberg Theory by Rachel Funk Heller

Dialogue Preliminaries by James Alan Gardner (Avenger characters are used as an example)

Immersion Masterclass With Margie Lawson – Part 1 by Melinda Collins

Immersion Masterclass With Margie Lawson – Part 2 by Melinda Collins

Fantasy Influences: Ancient Greek Mythology – Part 2 by Victoria Hooper

Playing To Expectations by Sarah Hoyt

Make Or Break Verbs by Constance Hale

How To Meet Your Writing Deadlines (Every Time) by Krissy Brady

Finding the Best Place To Write by Kathy Steffen

How Do You Know If You’ve “Made It” As a Writer by Krissy Brady

Writer’s Conferences: Are They Still Relevant In the E-Age? by Anne R. Allen

How Many Books Are Going To Be Published In 2012 (Prepare For a Shock) by Pat Bertram

Personalized Writer’s Knowledge Base by Elizabeth S. Craig

(What ever writing information you’re looking for, WKB has it. Next time don’t Google it but WKB it.)


Your Author Platform

Lyla Sinclair’s 8 Secrets of Successful Romance Writing by Karen Woodward (works for authors of all genres)

3 Steps To Creating You Own Writing Luck by Suzannah Windsor

Writing Hero: Gene Lempp by Angela Ackerman

(So, how did Gene became a writing hero? The secret is being unique and giving his blog readers something they really value)

The Write It Forward Author Branding Plan by Jen Talty

Author Branding Plan: The Creed by Jen Talty

Author Branding Plan: The Icon by Jen Talty

How To Write an Author Bio When You Don’t Feel Like An Author… Yet by Anne R. Allen

How To Get Your Avatar To Show Up Everywhere With Gravatar by Thomas Umtstaddt

Email Marketing Primer by Tivi Jones

Metadata & Keywords: Under the Radar Marketing by Jen Talty

Amazon’s KDP Select Program: The Power of Free by Karen Woodward

Making Amazon Forums Work For You by Lyn Horner



How To Start a Blog Or Website – Link Resources by Amy Lynn Andrews

Is Your Website At Risk From Hackers: 8 Ways To Protect Your Blog by Marcy Kennedy

How To Decide What To Blog About: Discovering Your Niche by Amy Lynn Andrews

Becoming Organizational Genius: The Tickler File by Karen Woodward

7 Psychological Studies Reveal Secrets To Blogging Success (And I Reveal How To Implement Them) by Gregory Ciotti

The Psychology of Going Viral: 12 Proven Ways to Craft Content That Gets People Talking (About You) by Gregory Ciotti

3 Reasons Why You Should Be a Formulaic Blogger by Ali Luke

5 Link Bait Posts That Get You More Email Subscribers by Ramsay at Blog Tyrant

5 Hollywood Sequel Tricks To Turn Your Sizzling Blog Posts Intro a Series by Judy Lee Dunn

How To Stop Your Blog Bleeds by Ramsay at Blog Tyrant


Social Media

Myth Busting: Three Lies That Could Sabotage Your Writing Success by Kristen Lamb

Social Media Fitness For Authors: Happy Findings by August McLaughlin

How To Utilize an ARC Blog Contest in Pinterest (example of a board doing that)

8 Twitter Hashtags To Get And Keep You Writing by Yesenia Vargas

Feeding the Facebook Beast by Pat Bertram

Writers and Readers on Twitter and Tumblr: We Need More Criticism, Less Liking by Jacob Silverman


Collected Wisdom

Blog Treasures by Gene Lempp

Twitterific by Elizabeth S. Craig

Friday Features by Yesenia Vargas


Deep Stuff

Being an Introvert Is Not a Crime by Lisa Hall-Wilson

Dealing With Anger by Jenny Hansen

The Habit of Starting by Leo Baubata

15 Clutter Busting Routines For Any Family by Joshua Becker

Who Was the First Kick-Ass Heroine? by S.C. Butler

Glass Ceiling For the Blood Sucking Lawyers by Phillipa Bornikova


Fun Stuff

The 10th Annual Talk Like  a Pirate Day (the main course is the Tim Curry Muppet video)

This lady has Pinned over 11 000 gorgeous pictures. Wow

The Happy Manhood Operator by August McLaughlin

Not Your Typical Myers-Briggs Personality Types (The Profiles for Villains)

How Urband Legends Work by Tom Harris

11 Insane Features of Normal Human Body by Maggie Ryan Sandford

Top 20 Steampunk Books: An Introduction to the Genre (The Ranting Dragon)


  1. Jennette Marie Powell
    Sep 20, 2012

    Thanks for collecting these, as always! I especially enjoyed “Discovering and Building your Writer Strengths.” Totally agree that this one’s a don’t miss!
    Jennette Marie Powell recently posted..The Booker Award!My Profile

  2. Coleen Patrick
    Sep 20, 2012

    Like that feeding the FB beast article! Thanks for more great links Reetta. Hope you’re feeling better!

  3. Jenny Hansen
    Sep 21, 2012

    I’m completely honored that you put me as your must-read post. Thanks, Reetta! Happy week to you. 🙂
    Jenny Hansen recently posted..10 Ways I’d Love My Books To Be Like Flat StanleyMy Profile

  4. CC MacKenzie
    Sep 21, 2012


    The sea shanty speak is hilarious!

    I loved Becoming Organizational Genius: The Tickler file. It resonated with me.

    Thank you for sharing all these amazing links!

    Hope you feel better soon!
    CC MacKenzie recently posted..NORSE GOD WITH A BIG HAMMERMy Profile

  5. Lynette M. Burrows
    Sep 26, 2012

    Reetta, oh my gosh, such a wonderful bunch of links. I am going to have to chew on these for a while. Great job.
    Lynette M. Burrows recently posted..Be a ChildMy Profile

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